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dvd to blu ray converter for mac

DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac


DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac, is a professional Mac DVD to Blu-ray converter software that can merge, copy and convert many DVDs to one Blu-ray disc/ISO file/folder (BD 50, BD 25, BD 9 and BD 5), for backup or playing with Blu-ray player. With the advanced compression technology applied in, the output Blu-ray will be of very superior quality while holding more content.

Copy and Merge DVDs to a Blu-ray

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac acts not only as a professional Mac DVD to Blu-ray converter software, but also as a Mac DVD backup software, which can merge the content from many DVDs to a Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder without the hassle of swapping discs when watching DVD movies or backing up many episodes of a series or DVDs to HDD in just one Blu-ray.

Customize, Fast and Free Update

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac presents you with a flexible DVD to Blu-ray conversion process. You are empowered to totally control the output content. You can freely select any movie titles, even rearrange the position of its subunit: chapters in a title, the audio tracks, subtitles, and you can even create and customize the playback menu including the style, cover, text and font, for the Blu-ray. What's more important, no matter how many settings you have made for the output Blu-ray, there won't be any influence on the processing speed since DVDFab has applied the latest acceleration technologies such as batch conversion, multi-threading, multi-core CPUs, NVIDIDA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, etc. to greatly shorten your wait time

Tech-savvy to Output Astonishing Quality

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac has been in development for years to catch up with the latest technology trends. Despite the blazing speed, you will be promised with a smooth process and a perfect output Blu-ray with quality that is by no means inferior to the source.

How To Guide

DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac can read the content of all DVD discs/ISOs/folders, and merge the DVD titles from several DVDs to HDD in one Blu-ray disc/ISO/folder.

Load DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac, and load the source

Double click DVDFab 10, and opt for Copy from the option bar when it runs. Afterwards, click the copy mode switcher to choose To Blu-ray. Insert the DVD discs you want to convert to Blu-ray into the optical drive, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI. When the sources are ISO files or folders, you can just simply drag and drop them into the main UI for loading.

Personalize the output Blu-ray

Select the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you want to copy after source loading, and choose the output media size and the output path, and then click the Next button to continue. Drag the titles you have chosen to rearrange the playback positions you need, and click the Next button to continue. Choose one playback menu you like from the templates provided, or No Menu if you don't need one, and click the Next button to continue. Name the output Blu-ray at the Volume Label, and choose the playback mode you need.

Start to convert DVD to Blu-ray

Click the Start button, DVDFab will immediately begin converting DVD to Blu-ray and provide you with the detailed progress info during the process. You can cancel the task anytime you don't want to continue during the process, and you can also set your PC to automatically shut down, exit program, hibernate or do nothing when the task is done.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.10 - 10.15
  • 1GHz or above Intel® processor
  • 2GB RAM or above
  • 20GB of free hard disk space
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and above
  • A Blu-ray drive
  • Live Internet connection required to register DVDFab 10 (little network traffic used)

Supported Formats

Input: DVD-Video disc, DVD file disc, DVD ISO image file

Output: Blu-ray Video disc, AVCHD disc, Blu-ray file folder, Blu-ray ISO image file

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