Software Purchase Policy


DO NOT place order on any other website like eBay, iOffer, dvd95copy,,,,, and etc. The only legal way to obtain DVDFab is through our official website.

All our products are sold as "try-before-you-buy" software. You can try them 30 days for free, so you have enough time to verify the program's functionality. doesn't refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products. We urge you to test it out before you buy it and hope you will want to join our thousands of satisfied users!

Purchase benefits

A registration key that prevents the trial version from expiring after 30 days, and removes watermark on output video.

Free updates as long as your update subscription is valid.

Technical support as long as your update subscription is valid. (When subscription expires, no further update or support will be available, but the product will continue to operate)

For a detailed explanation of DVDFab's purchase options, please click here

You can renew expired subscriptions at any time. Please have a look at our price list.

1. Single-Computer License

A Single-Computer License is allowed for using on only one computer. However, there are circumstances when you might need to use DVDFab on two or more computers. To address this matter, we offer you the option to buy Multi-Computer License that contains multiple authorizations to authorize your DVDFab on multiple computers.

- As of now, Multi-Computer License works on DVDFab 11, Passkey 9, Player 6 and Downloader;
- To buy Multi-Computer License, please log into DVDFab Member Center.
- The validity of the Multi-Computer License stays same as the validity of your original license;
- A new computer can be authorized anytime via DVDFab client, and conversely, an authorized computer can also be deauthorized anytime.
- When deauthorizing a product (e.g. DVDFab 11) on a computer, all the other products (Passkey 9, Player 6 and Downloader) will also be deauthorized on that computer;
- If you need to deauthorize a computer that you can no longer access, you need to deauthorize all computers at DVDFab Member Center. However, you can only do that once per year.
- When buying Multi-Computer License, be clear which platform you want to buy for. You cannot buy Multi-Computer License for macOS if your original license is for Windows platform, vice versa.

2. Multi-User License: Volume discount! ( 10% - 90% )

A Multi-User License provides an inexpensive way for home, businesses, schools, universities or other work groups to supply their personnel with our software in a cost efficient manner.

If you are a large company and want to buy the Site License, please contact us.

3. About License Validity

Your license validity shall start from the date your order is placed, regardless of your product is actually activated or not.

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