Terms of Use

The Terms of Use shall be applicable to all visitors of the website and users of our products. DVDFab.cn grants you the right to access materials on the website, and download products, including but not limited to DVDFab Software, DVDFab Wallpapers, for individual and authorized use for entertainment. Any commercial end use of the download is prohibited. All products, texts, and images on this site are copyright protected. DVDFab.cn shall have right to take legal actions against any person or organization who violates the copyright.

1. Use of Software

DVDFab Software is designed to allow users to use their fair right to the content they purchased for experiencing home entertainment, for example, rip and copy their home made video (if they own the copyright) to blank discs or other media player devices. In most counties, the copyright law will allow the original purchaser or user to make a backup/copy for personal use. However, it might be illegal to make a copy or backup to the purchased movie or disc without permission according to the laws in different countries. Since our software is sold world-wide, each user shall comply with the local copyright law, and use the software accordingly and legally.

Customers will only be charged once for shipping costs (this includes returns).

In the event ships for free, customer will be informed of the return shipment cost (estimates may be given based on our own costs in shipping to customers).

No-restocking to be charged to the consumers for the return of the product.

2. Copyright Statement

All the products, logos, home-brew technologies, images, graphics, and services on this website shall be protected by the Copyright Law. DVDFab.cn owns all copyrights unless otherwise stated. Without prior permission of DVDFab.cn, any commercial purpose use of the content on the site by any person in any means is never allowed.

3. Feedback

Any comments, questions, suggestions or any related information regarding the software, this website, services or any other products of DVDFab.cn shall be deemed to be non-confidential. DVDFab.cn shall be free to use, disclose, and distribute the Feedback for purposes including but not limited to improving, developing, manufacturing, marketing products or services containing such Feedback.

4. General

You should read through the Terms of Use and ensure the fair use of the software and other products on this website. If you misuse or abuse the software or other products in any form, you shall hold full legal responsibility for all consequences, and the software provider (DVDFab.cn) will not be responsible for any actions that shall be taken against you for the misuse of DVDFab Software and other DVDFab products.

5. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, or any other questions about our software, services, other products, etc., please feel free to contact DVDFab.cn at the Support > Contact page on the website.

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