3D Video Converter for 3D TV

DVDFab Video Converter can function as a 3D Video Converter for 3D TV that can convert 2D video in to side-by-side 3D video for playback on 3D TV, with the necessary cooperation from DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter. Next is a simple tutorial about how to do the conversion for your 3D TV with DVDFab. Go to have a look please.


Step 1: Start up DVDFab 9, choose Converter option, and load in the video source

Start up DVDFab 9, and choose Converter option to open Video Converter. Then import in the source video by dragging and dropping it into the program.


Step 2: Choose a profile

Open Profile box to navigate to 3D Format (now we’re activating DVDFab 2D to 3D Converter), and select a format for the output 3D, then go further to choose a profile.


Step 3: Choose side-by-side 3D

Click Advanced Settings button to bring about all video parameters, audio parameters and 3D parameters for you to set. Take 3D tab for example, we need to choose Left/Right (Side by side) for the 3D format since normally a 3D TV plays a side-by-side 3D video. And you can freely change the Gain and Visual Depth value.


Click Edit button to open Video Effect window where you can resize the source aspect ratio and frame resolution of the video, and you can crop the image for display.


Step 4: Start conversion

Hit Start button to start conversion. During the process, you can view the progress with all detailed information.


OK. Leave the rest to DVDFab then. More info about DVDFab Video Converter, just go to: www.dvdfab.cn/video-converter.htm

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