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Playback H.265 encoded videos with an H.265 Media Player

H.265, or you may address it as HEVC, is the hope of the next generation of video encoding method. It is destined to phase out the somewhat dated H.264 method, aka Advanced Video Encoding used on Blu-rays. So, in the days to come, you may face the problem of playing back those H.265 encoded videos on your PC. In fact, to play back those videos, you just need a right player, and among the many emerging H.265 media player apps, DVDFab Media Player is the one you can count on.


Let’s dip into the details to see how DVDFab Media Player deals with H.265 videos:


Playback H.265 Videos with an H.265 Media Player: Step 1 > Download and install DVDFab Media Player 2 onto your PC;


Playback H.265 Videos with an H.265 Media Player: Step 2 > Start up the application by double-clicking the desktop shortcut, and then open the H.265 encoded video you want to watch per the on-screen instructions, or simply drag and drop an H.265 encoded video directly into the playback screen;


Playback H.265 Videos with an H.265 Media Player : Step 3 > When the playback starts, you can control the playback process using the pop-up contextual menu from the playback screen.



As you already see, to enjoy H.265 encoded videos with DVDFab Media Player is just as easy as that.


For more information, feel free to visit https://www.dvdfab.cn/media-player.htm