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How to merge DVD Discs onto One Single Disc?

On a Mac computer, is there a way to merge more than two DVD movie discs onto one single blank disc? Yes, there surely is. DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac is a born Mac DVD copy softwarewhich can merge two (or more than two) DVD movies from original DVD-video discs onto one single layer DVD disc (DVD 5) or double layer DVD disc (DVD 9).


Need a guide on that? Here it is: (In the demo, we just use two discs as an example).


Merge DVDs on Mac: Step 1> Rip the target discs onto Mac HDD as ISO files


1.1 Open DVDFab 9 for Mac and direct to Copy option Clone/Burn mode, and then put the Target Disc 1 into your optical drive, and choose the ISO button at the “Save to ” section to rip this disc to your Mac HDD as Target Disc 1.iso

1.2 Repeat the same procedure to Target Disc 2, and name the output as Target Disc 2.iso


Merge DVDs on Mac: Step 2> Merge the two ISO files onto one single disc


2.1 Click Mode Switcher to go to Mode Panel and select Merge mode. Click the ISO button to load Target Disc 1.iso first, and then load Target Disc 2.iso in the same way.

2.2 Select the titles, audio tracks and subtitle streams you want to keep from each ISO.


2.3 Insert the blank disc (DVD 5 or DVD 9) to your optical drive and then click the “Next” button, where you can arrange the playing order of the titles, even the chapters you want specifically from each title.


2.4 Choose the output size on the Left Pane according to the disc size you insert and then push the “Start” button to burn.



Software you need: the latest build of DVDFab 9 for Mac

Product you need order: DVD Copy for Mac



For more information, please visit:

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