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How to Play DVD ISO with DVDFab Media Player 2

DVDFab Media Player 2 can play any DVD ISO files easily and gives users great audiovisual experience. This is a tip showing you how to play DVD ISO with it. Just a couple of steps, let’s go to have a look.


Step 1: Open DVDFab Media Player 2 and load in the source

Start up DVDFab Media Player 2. Then click Open File in the center to go to find the DVD ISO file on your computer and import it in. Or, you can just drag and drop the file into the program.


Step 2: Enjoy your movie

The movie will be opened very quickly, and you can enjoy it immediately. Just navigate the viewing as if you’re using a physical DVD player.


BTW, if you want to switch between different movie titles or different movies if you’ve loaded many movies into the program, you can use the Playlist to easily achieve this.


OK. Done. For more info about this DVD ISO player, please go to: